Which is the best type of Protein?

Picking up on protein is not at all easy especially, when you have learnt its importance and starting to include in your diet. Some time ago, people thought that protein is only taken when you are hitting a gym or it’s being suggested by a doctor or any other medical practitioner. However, the story has changed a lot because of health and fitness being talked very much and the mindset of people is to have a balanced diet which includes all macro- and micronutrients in right proportion.   

Protein, as per dietary guidelines, suggested as second most important nutrient to be included in diet and provides a good number of calories required for daily upkeep of activities.  Protein is an important building block of muscles, bones, cartilages and skin. Body requires protein for recovery of muscles and tissues, regulation of hormones, generation of various enzymes required for digestion.

Protein sourced from Milk is commonly called as Whey Protein and is considered to have the highest PDCAAS score of 1 which is the highest among any protein type. PDCAAS is a method of evaluating the quality of a protein based on its digestibility and amino acid profile.

You may learn about the benefits of proteins but many times one gets confused to which source of protein being the best. It typically depends on your preferences on which source is suitable for you and parameters could vary from religious to digestibility.